Women’s Health Clinic


CUPS Women’s Health Clinic is a multidisciplinary wellness centre that takes a holistic approach to the physical, mental and socio-economic health of impoverished women and children. Beyond poverty, many of the clinic’s adult patients face additional challenges such as active addictions; difficult family histories and childhoods; low education levels; and mental health issues. These challenges become even more important when a woman becomes pregnant as they can put children at a very high risk of poor social, emotional and neurological development.


Our Women’s Health Clinic offers non-judgmental support, care and wraparound services through CUPS programs and partner agencies. A cornerstone of our clinic is the CUPS Prenatal Program, which aims to deliver healthy, full-term babies and support parents in creating a healthy environment for their child’s development. The Prenatal Program works closely with CUPS Family Development Centre, Nurturing Parenting Program, One World Child Development Centre and CUPS mental health services to give at-risk families the skills and support they need to move out of the cycle of poverty.


Last year, CUPS Primary Care and Women’s Health Clinics had 5,287 patients who had 35,359 patient visits, including 615 children in pediatric care, prenatal care for 203 women and mental health care for 539 adults. CUPS clinics continue to be highly trusted and respected resources among patients, other agencies and service providers for their ability to address the health needs of our vulnerable and unique patient population. When patients can maintain their health, they can begin to address and overcome other barriers in their lives.

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