Little Painters

Written by: Michelle Huynh

CUPS Child Development Centre

CUPS Child Development Program is an early intervention education centre that provides a nurturing, caring, and educational environment to help children and low-income families reach their full potential. Here are a few of our Kindergarten superstars:


Here is Tyrone! He’s the youngest member of the Kindergarten Class at the CUPS Child Development Centre and an active participant in the classroom. He’s been described by his teachers as an innocent soul who speaks his mind. He can be easily found in the art studio painting or making greeting cards for his mom.

However, Tyrone was not always like this. At the beginning of the school year, Tyrone’s sensitivity made him withdraw into a corner. Slowly, with the help of his teachers and classmates, he has become an outgoing little man with many stories to tell. He has been successful not only in the area of academics but in eating as well. He can count from 1 to 50 and can easily gobble down five cups of yoghurt!

At the beginning, Coltyn was described by his teachers as being “all over the place”. His inability to focus on one task at a time prevented him from having a positive outcome in that particular assignment at hand. Thus, Coltyn would become frustrated. However, with the help of accommodations put in place by his teachers, Coltyn has graduated from Kindergarten with the ability to slow down and focus on one assignment at a time. Now, whenever Coltyn begins a task, he won’t stop until it is finished. Step by step, Coltyn works to achieve perfection and today is outgoing and friendly. He participates in classroom activities and engages with his peers.

Natalia was very quiet and timid when she first came into the CUPS Child Development Program. If she had been missed or left out of activities, she would sit quietly on the sidelines. However, half-way through the school year she began opening up with the help of her teachers. She began singing, dancing and building friendships with her classmates.

Once reserved and meek, Natalia soon became the most competitive member of the class. She always won playing freeze dance and musical chairs. Looking back, her teachers have said that they couldn’t have imagined at the beginning the progress she has made.

Since he first came to CUPS, William has struggled with his expressive language. His inability to communicate would often cause him to get upset. However, despite these challenges, William’s zeal for learning enabled him to learn his letters and sing songs with his classmates. Although William still continues to struggle with expressing himself at times, he has made gains in his interactions with his teachers and classmates. He answers questions, asks to pick songs and volunteers to be a leader in the classroom.

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