A Mother’s Thank You

I would like to express my thanks for the help I have received from CUPS.  Before coming to CUPS, I was an extremely worried and anxious person. I was concerned about the education and development of my two children and I did not have anyone to turn to. read more


Thank You for 25 Years of Help and Service by John Ronald Chega*

I am writing this narrative to express my heart-felt gratitude and show those who are interested, the positive affects the Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS) has had in my life, and in the lives of thousands like me.

CUPS is a charity that provides medical services to thousands of low-income men, women and children in Calgary. I cannot explain much about their family programs because I have been a handicapped homeless bachelor most of my 62 years. So this accounting will be concentrated on the support and services CUPS has provided to me, personally, over the past 25 years, since 1989 when I became seriously handicapped and homeless. read more


Lisa’s Story

Lisa* came to CUPS just over a year ago, desperate, determined and 5 months pregnant. She was living at an addictions recovery facility, which she would have to leave once her child was born. Her family had disowned her and she was avoiding her friends as they were all associated with a lifestyle she was fighting to leave behind. Time was passing quickly, where would she and her newborn go? read more

The Power of CUPS Nurturing Parenting Program

This video focuses on a CUPS participant, Silest, a mother of two. Silest dropped out school at 16, left home and ended up in an abusive relationship. Following the birth of her second child, she left the relationship and thereafter enrolled her daughter at CUPS One World Child Development Centre. read more


Jennifer* lives in building where CUPS Housing runs CUPS Community Development. A while ago, Jennifer, experienced a difficult break-up from a highly dysfunctional relationship. When the break-up scene finally came to a close, she went out for a long walk with two other tenants. They talked, laughed and had a great time even though they had no money.

Until then, Jennifer had been thinking of leaving the province and starting all over again somewhere else, but she decided not to thanks to the friends, community and home she built for herself and her children as part of the Community Development program. Now she feels free to be herself and talk to other people, something that her partner would not allow her to do. Her newfound confidence and happiness is the result of her involvement with CUPS and the network of friends she has developed in her neighbourhood as a result.

Jennifer has new networks to help her in times of crisis. She is happy and safe in her home, and finally feels like she belongs. This is completely new for her and is a shining example of what CUPS Community Development can achieve.

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