CUPS Community Impact

The Calgary community relies on each other and we all have a stake in ensuring the wellbeing of others. Just as building a strong house requires certain materials, building wellbeing requires community resources, social relationships and opportunities to thrive. When the structure of our systems and policies prevent specific populations from accessing these materials, people and communities may have difficulty weathering life’s storms.

As part of an interdependent system, CUPS has developed a strong history of working with partner organizations to expand its work in research and community projects aimed at improving the wellbeing of our community and beyond.

CUPS Impact Report

View our most recent 2017-2018 Community Impact Report.

Past Reports: 2016-2017 Community Impact Report.

CUPS Research and Advocacy

CUPS is creating an infrastructure to increase CUPS’ effectiveness in applying and contributing to the research on the science of building brains and resiliency as well as building a platform for advocating to reduce barriers to services. Click here to learn more about CUPS Research & Advocacy.

CUPS Year-End Report

Download our lastest Year-End Report 2017-2018.

Current Research and Community Projects

Change in Mind

Change in Mind is a two-year joint initiative between the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative. The initiative seeks to demonstrate the impactful role of the non-profit sector to infuse the latest brain science into program practices as well as affect larger system and policy change. Along with four other Albertan and ten American NGO’s, CUPS is taking this opportunity to improve outcomes for children, families, and individuals and increase the overall wellbeing of the Calgary community.

Ready 4 Routines

A pilot project of Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child, Ready 4 Routines is designed to build executive functioning skills in both the parent and child through the use of routines. Executive functioning skills are the cognitive skills we use to manage multiple demands, similar to air traffic control managing arrivals and departures of dozens of planes on multiple runways.

Recovery Services Task Force
CUPS is an active participant on this committee of over 25 homeless serving agencies and interested   stakeholders – including Alberta Health Services, Human Services and the Calgary Police Service – making recommendations for addressing the gaps in service for the most vulnerable of Calgary’s homeless. The committee is seeking holistic solutions to meet the long-term needs of homeless individuals struggling with addictions and mental health issues.


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