Shine A Light Campaign


At CUPS we have a dedicated mental and physical wellness facility supporting 35,000+ unique visits and over 10,000 people each year #ShineALight


Every hour, Alberta spends $2.4 million — $59 million per day —? to keep the province’s health-care system running. In the coming year, Alberta will spend $22.1 billion on health care. That’s almost 40% of Alberta’s total budget.

March 29, 2018

What do Oprah and CUPS have in common? Turns out quite a lot. Oprah has recently turned her powerful spotlight on brain science, childhood trauma and the need for trauma-informed care. It’s about asking what happened to you that has shaped your experiences, not what is wrong with you. And that is powerful stuff.

There has been a growing trend around the complexities of mental wellness, how it creates resiliency to handle toxics stress and the essential need to make mental care a priority. We’ve been busy working on solutions including the Resiliency Matrix which will help people who have suffered trauma move towards self-sufficiency. We are proud to announce that on March 18 we will launch the inaugural Shine a Light campaign and we are excited! This campaign is aimed at raising awareness and support for the mental wellness needs of vulnerable Calgarians in our city.

In any given year, 1 in 5 Canadians experiences a mental or addiction problem. At CUPS, approximately 1 in 3 individuals who come through our doors report that their mental wellness, their ability to cope, is in a state of crisis or vulnerability. Many of our patients are high-complexity individuals who have more than 1 mental health concern; in addition, substance abuse issues and chronic physical health problems are co-occurring in 50% and 70% of patients, respectively.

We work every day to offer mental wellness services for individuals in poverty who face increased barriers to accessing these services due to their lack of employment benefits and their inability to pay for them privately.

As we Shine A Light on mental wellness, let’s brighten awareness and de-stigmatize it. When we are mentally well we become more resilient to adversity and can become socially well and that benefits everyone. We’re calling on you to support us in providing programs to those who need it. We see the light in the people who participate in our programs. We call on Calgary to see the light in our work. Together, we will make our city shine.

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