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Esteros del Ibera: El Gran Humedal de Corrientes

Format: Paperback

Language: Español

Pages: 415

Publisher: Foundation for Deep Ecology; Edición

ISBN: 0984693246

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A wonderland of sky, water, grass, and birdsong, the Ibera marshlands of Corrientes Province are the preeminent wildlife habitat in Argentina and a globally important natural treasure. Esteros del Ibera, a landmark volume celebrating a peerless place, invites the reader to experience this spectacle of nature. One of the largest freshwater wetlands in South America, comprising more than 2.5 million acres, the Ibera was forged from ancient geological forces and the long-ago wanderings of the mighty Parana River. Today the landscape is a locus of conservation activity including a campaign to create a new national park to protect the biodiversity of this striking region. Increasingly a destination for nature lovers, the marshlands attract birdwatchers from across the Earth, who come to see some 360 avian species that are found here. A native son of Corrientes, world-class nature photographer Juan Ramon Diaz Colodrero has spent years documenting the region's birdlife and other wild creatures. In Esteros del Ibera, his dazzling images put the reader into the heart of the Ibera's life-affirming beauty. Supporting essays by leading regional conservationists and other experts illuminate the Ibera's diverse natural communities and distinctive human culture. While the area is remarkably unspoiled, innovative conservation projects are augmenting wildlife populations and returning missing native species such as the giant anteater and the jaguar to their rightful homes in the landscape of shining waters. The Ibera presents a stark contrast to the modern world, a place where the trajectory of land health is moving toward integrity and wildness.

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