Morgan Mason


Over 400 people volunteer their time, energy and talent to CUPS every year to support the work that we do helping low-income Calgarians. Through our Gratitude Campaign, we wish to say thank you to these community heroes and showcase their impact at CUPS.
Morgan is a recent nursing graduate from the University of Calgary and she is on her way to becoming a registered nurse. She was first introduced to CUPS as a practicum student, and now volunteers as a host on Fun Fridays*. Morgan volunteers because she believes we are making a difference and she also enjoys keeping in touch with her former colleagues.
Morgan comes to CUPS every Friday to engage with participants who are here to socialize, play games, and enjoy a snack. Morgan describes herself as an optimistic and enthusiastic person and says when she volunteers at CUPS, it feels like she is hanging out with friends.

When we asked Morgan what she wants her impact to be at CUPS, she said “to get more people to better their health.” She wants to make people feel comfortable and make the idea of health more welcoming.

Thank you Morgan from everyone at CUPS!

* CUPS Fun Fridays is a volunteer-led program that gives Participants who feel socially isolated a chance to come together every Friday afternoon between 1:00PM and 3:30PM with other people in a fun and supportive environment.

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