Dr. Jenny Punnett


Dr. Jenny Punnett

Volunteers are integral to the operation of the CUPS Calgary Dental Clinic. Each year dentists and dental assistants collectively put in hundreds of volunteer hours that help to sustain our extraction clinic.
Over the past 9 months, one of the volunteer dentist’s contributions has stood out. It is not just the sheer number of volunteer hours that she has contributed that is commendable, but her dedication to our patients.
Dr. Jenny Punnett started volunteering with the clinic when we reopened in April of 2017. She has since completed approximately 40 hours of volunteer dentistry with us.
Dr. Punnett always arrives with a smile on her face, has kind and supportive words for the patients, and a willingness to help wherever needed.
When asked why she volunteers at CUPS, she responded by saying that it is “simply because I enjoy it! The patients we see are all so appreciative. I always leave with an overall feeling of positivity. It’s a great way to end the work week on a Friday afternoon.”
CUPS would like to extend a big thank you to Jenny for all of her hard work and being part of our team!

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