Education Services

Pre-Natal to Three Child Development Centre & Parent Education

We are very excited about the opening of CUPS Pre-Natal to Three Child Development Centre. The Centre provides parents of children (prenatal-35 months old) with support, education services and training related to parenting and child development. The program integrates family-centred care principles with current research in infant brain development so that families can lay the best possible foundations for their child’s lifelong development. Learn more…

One World Child Development Centre

The CUPS One World Child Development Centre is an early intervention education centre that operates with the philosophy of providing a nurturing, caring, educational environment to help low-income children and families reach their full potential. Children between ages 3 to 6 years who have early educational challenges and come from low income families can use our services. Learn more…

Learn more…

Family Development Centre

The CUPS Family Development Centre provides a warm and welcoming environment to families who are struggling with issues related to poverty. The Centre gives parents access to a wide range services.

Parent Education

The CUPS Parent Education program provides educational and recreational opportunities to parents and their children to positively change and improve parent/child relationships. Learn more…

Lorraine Melchior Bursary Fund

Established by generous corporate and private donations, the Lorraine Melchior Bursary Fund honours CUPS’ former Executive Director (1994 – 2003). CUPS sees education as an essential investment in building lasting solutions to poverty. We are therefore proud to offer Melchior Bursaries to selected Calgarians who live on low incomes and who are committed to active participation in CUPS programming. Please call 403-717-0922 for more information.

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