Shine A Light

One flick of a switch lights up a room. One click can change a person’s life by showing families and people who have experienced trauma and poverty in Calgary that YOU support their journey to resilience and mental wellness. When we shine a light on the tough social issues our city faces we can work together to change it and illuminate the path forward and change lives for the better by giving them the tools to build supportive relationships and goals.

Almost thirty years ago, CUPS saw the light in vulnerable Calgarians needing help. Over 15 years ago The Palix Foundation and Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, five years later, saw the light in CUPS and supported our efforts to level the playing field for those struggling to achieve social and mental wellness for themselves and their children. Today, CUPS and its partners remain committed to helping more than 10,000 vulnerable Calgarians find their way to social and mental wellness each and every day.

And we need your help to continue providing the innovative services and programs that truly transform lives. Help us help those who need it most by donating and together, we can light up Calgary by shining a light on addressing mental wellness.

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