SROIs for Early Childcare Intervention


A recent CBC article featuring a report from the Conference Board of Canada revealed that a lack of investment in early childhood education has considerable long-term economic costs to society. On the other hand, for every dollar spent on early childhood education programs there is a $6 dollar return on this investment through a child’s long-term success in school and the workforce, avoidance of the justice system, and decreased crime. However, the same report also found that 42% of Canadian children age 2-4 do not have access to educational programming.

Because brain development occurs at a rapid rate before the age of 6, there is a gap in early learning experiences prior to school enrolment.

Here at CUPS we consider this benefit to the economy a social return on investment; for every dollar invested in CUPS’ early childhood programs there is an even greater return to CUPS stakeholders and within the community. It is estimated that for every dollar donated to CUPS programming, there is a $10 social return on investment. As a result, we provide a variety of programs in order to build and strengthen the brain architecture of our children and parents to create a stronger foundation for success in life.

Currently, CUPS offers two-generational education programming to adults and children to strengthen parent-child attachment, teach new patterns of parenting, and provide a solid foundation for each child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. In our early education programs, we see a 20% increase in children’s average problem solving scores and improvements in at least one area of child development for children who screened positively for a development delay.

We want to thank our amazing donors and stakeholders for their generous donations to CUPS. We believe that we can tip the scale towards more positive outcomes by developing programming that ensures caregivers and community members can provide positive experiences for children. Each donation is not only an investment in the lives of individuals, families and children, but also gives back to our growing community, which is critical to ending the cycle of poverty.

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