Newness in Old Testament Prophecy: An Intertextual Study by Henk Leene

By Henk Leene

In Newness in previous testomony Prophecy: An Intertextual examine Henk Leene examines the family among the recent music raised within the Psalms, the recent issues hid in Deutero-Isaiah, the hot heaven and the hot earth introduced in Trito-Isaiah, Ezekiel’s new middle and the recent spirit, and the predicted new construction and new covenant in Jeremiah. the place those provides have been mostly associated form-critically, Henk Leene assumes their direct literary family. In what course does the single promise allude to the opposite, and the way do such allusions draw us right into a carrying on with intertextual discussion on Israel’s expectancies concerning the future?
Most hard is Leene’s end that Jeremiah’s promise of the recent covenant presumes the novelty passages from either Ezekiel and Isaiah.

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Hossfeld, E. Zenger, Psalmen 51–100 (HThKAT), Freiburg 32000, 666–667] or 1–6 | 7–9 | 10–13 [H. Schmidt, Die Psalmen (HAT, 1/15), Tübingen 1934, 178–179]. 1–3. Singing the new song proclaims Yhwh’s liberation and relates his marvellous deeds. There are no reasons for assuming addresses before the imperatives in v. 2 and v. 3 other than the address in v. 1, even though it sounds illogical that ‘all the earth’ must tell something ‘among the nations’. We find the same transition in v. 9 and v. 10; some commentaries reason that v.

96, and secondly with the liberation of Israel in Ps. 98. The preceding prayer in Ps. 94 looks eagerly forward to it. The following trisagion in Ps. 99 looks back on it thankfully. If the earth were beseeched to shudder before Yhwh in Ps. 96, in Ps. 100 she cannot but shout for joy at Yhwh’s universal goodness and faithfulness. When we reconsider the term liberation in Ps. 96 and 98, it is clear from the surrounding cycle of psalms that its exposition tends towards a historical 29 Cf. Deurloo, ‘König’, 84–85.

108. 55 Jeremias, Königtum, 158–159; Spieckermann, Heilsgegenwart, 180 n. 1 also prefers a stative point of view. g. S. Prinsloo, ‘Psalm 93: Jahwe is van altyd af Koning over alles en almal’, NGTT 34 (1993), 248–261, esp. 250 n. 13. He does not reject the inchoative aspect in Ps. 93:1, even though he reasons that the psalm as a whole emphasises the stable and permanent nature of Yhwh’s kingship (258). H. S, 199), Sheffield 1995 places the accent differently: ‘But granted that the order “subject-verb” conveys an emphasis on Yahweh as king, rather than his rivals, the contexts remain firm ground for finding in ‫ יהוה מלך‬an event-laden proclamation’ (117).

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