Nevanlinna Theory in Several Complex Variables and by Junjiro Noguchi, Jörg Winkelmann

By Junjiro Noguchi, Jörg Winkelmann

The objective of this ebook is to supply a entire account of upper dimensional Nevanlinna concept and its family with Diophantine approximation thought for graduate scholars and researchers.

This booklet with 9 chapters systematically describes Nevanlinna idea of meromorphic maps among algebraic kinds or advanced areas, increase from the classical conception of meromorphic services at the advanced airplane with complete proofs in Chap. 1 to the present kingdom of research.

Chapter 2 offers the 1st major Theorem for coherent excellent sheaves in a really basic shape. With the coaching of plurisubharmonic features, how the speculation to be generalized in a better size is defined. In Chap. three the second one major Theorem for differentiably non-degenerate meromorphic maps by means of Griffiths and others is proved as a prototype of upper dimensional Nevanlinna theory.

Establishing the sort of moment major Theorem for complete curves normally complicated algebraic kinds is a wide-open challenge. In Chap. four, the Cartan-Nochka moment major Theorem within the linear projective case and the Logarithmic Bloch-Ochiai Theorem when it comes to normal algebraic forms are proved. Then the idea of complete curves in semi-abelian types, together with the second one major Theorem of Noguchi-Winkelmann-Yamanoi, is handled in complete info in Chap. 6. For that goal Chap. five is dedicated to the proposal of semi-abelian kinds. the outcome results in a few purposes. With those effects, the Kobayashi hyperbolicity difficulties are mentioned in Chap. 7.

In the final chapters Diophantine approximation idea is handled from the point of view of upper dimensional Nevanlinna conception, and the Lang-Vojta conjecture is proven often times. In Chap. eight the idea over functionality fields is mentioned. ultimately, in Chap. nine, the theorems of Roth, Schmidt, Faltings, and Vojta over quantity fields are provided and formulated in view of Nevanlinna thought with effects stimulated via these in Chaps. four, 6, and 7.

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U be a proper analytic (i) (Riemann extension) If there is a neighborhood V ⊂ U of every point x ∈ E such that f |V \E is bounded, then f is uniquely extended to a holomorphic function on U . (ii) (Hartogs extension) If codim E 2, f is necessarily extended uniquely to a holomorphic function on U . We know similar theorems for plurisubharmonic functions (cf. Grauert–Remmert [56]; Noguchi–Ochiai [90] (Ochiai–Noguchi [84])). 7 Let U ⊂ Cm be a domain, and let E ⊂ U be a proper analytic subset. Let ψ : U \ E → [−∞, ∞) be a plurisubharmonic function.

5. Therefore, (f )∞ is an effective divisor on M. 14 there is a holomorphic function g on M such that (g) = (f )∞ , so that gf is holomorphic in M \ E. 7 (ii) implies that gf extends holomorphically to a holomorphic function h on M. Thus, f = h/g is meromorphic on M. Let D = kλ Aλ be a divisor on M. For a 2m − 2 form η on M whose coefficients are locally bounded Borel-measurable functions and whose support is compact, a current by integration D(η) = η= D is defined. 16 (Poincaré–Lelong formula) Let f ≡ 0 be a meromorphic function on M and let η be a 2m − 2 form of C 2 -class on M with compact support.

Z =t ϕ(a + z)γ (z) z =s ϕ(a + z)γ (z). 13 (i) the following holds. 29 The plurisubharmonicity is a local property. Let ϕ ≡ −∞ be a plurisubharmonic function on Cm . In the sense of currents ∂ 2 [ϕ] i dzj ∧ d z¯ k ∂zj ∂ z¯ k 2π dd c [ϕ] = 0. Then m dd c [ϕ] ∧ α m−1 = (m − 1)! j =1 ∂ 2 [ϕ] ∂zj ∂ z¯ j m j =1 i dzj ∧ d z¯ j 2π is a volume form with a positive Radon measure as coefficient. 30) 1 t 2m−2 dd c [ϕ] ∧ α m−1 , t > 0. 31 The function n(t, dd c [ϕ]) is left-continuous in t > 0 and monotone increasing.

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