Moment Theory and Some Inverse Problems in Potential Theory by Dang Dinh Ang, Rudolf Gorenflo, Vy Khoi Le, Dang Duc Trong

By Dang Dinh Ang, Rudolf Gorenflo, Vy Khoi Le, Dang Duc Trong (auth.)

Moment idea isn't a brand new topic; even though, in classical remedies, the ill-posedness of the matter isn't really taken under consideration - for that reason this monograph. Assuming a "true" strategy to be uniquely made up our minds via a chain of moments (given as integrals) of which merely finitely many are inaccurately given, the authors describe and research a number of regularization equipment and derive balance estimates. Mathematically, the duty frequently is composed within the reconstruction of an analytic or harmonic functionality, as is common from concrete functions mentioned (e.g. inverse warmth conduction difficulties, Cauchy's challenge for the Laplace equation, gravimetry). The publication can be utilized in a graduate or higher undergraduate direction in Inverse difficulties, or as supplementary analyzing for a direction on utilized Partial Differential Equations.

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2 Backus-Gilbert solutions and their stability 61 By direct computations, it follows that n I1m ≤ q |xm − y|β wj gjλm (y) − gj (y) Ω  × max j=1   n  j=1 wj gjλm (y) , j=1 n |xm − y|β  ≤q Ω j=1   ×  Ω  |xm − y|β  sup n n |gjλm | + j=1 y∈Ω,m≥1 But  |gjλm (y) − gj (y)|   ≤q q−1  wj gj (y)  dy  n  × n  Ω n |gj (y)| dy j=1 q  q1 |gjλm (y) − gj (y)| dy  × j=1 n |gjλm (y)| + j=1 q−1 q  q−1 q |gj (y)| dy  j=1 |xm − y|β < ∞, the sequence sup y∈Ω,m≥1      Ω n n |gjλm (y)| + j=1 q |gj (y)| dy j=1    m∈N is bounded and   Ω n q |gjλm (y) − gj (y)| dy → 0 as m → ∞.

56) x∈B(t) B(t) = {x ∈ H 1 (Ω) : x 1 ≤ 1 and Ax l2 ≤ t}, t ≥ 0. 2 Method of Tikhonov 43 is increasing, and continuous at 0, and ϕ(0) = 0. , x ∈ B(t2 ). Hence B(t1 ) ⊂ B(t2 ), which gives sup x∈B(t1 ) x ≤ sup x . , ϕ is increasing. We now prove that ϕ(0) = 0. If x ∈ B(0), one has by the definition of B(t) that Ax = 0. Since A is injective, the latter equality implies x = 0. Hence, B(0) = {0} and ϕ(0) = 0 + supx∈B(0) x = 0. Finally, we prove that ϕ is continuous at t = 0. Suppose by contradiction that ϕ is not continuous at t = 0.

3, [Li]). We now prove the continuous dependence of uβ (µ) on µ. Suppose by contradiction that there is a sequence (µn ) ⊂ Y such that µn → µ in Y and that uβ (µn ) − uβ (µ) ≥ 0 > 0, ∀n. 40). 41) 38 2 Regularization of moment problems ( A is the norm of A : (X, . 0 ) → (Y, . 1 )). Since (µn ) is bounded, so is (un ). Hence we can take a subsequence (unk ) ⊂ (un ) such that u nk u0 in X − weak. 40), we get β < J(unk ), unk − u0 > + < L(Aunk ) − L(Au0 ), Aunk − Au0 > =< L(µnk ) − L(Au0 ), A(unk − u0 ) > .

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