Mercury by Giles Sparrow

By Giles Sparrow

Colour pictures and diagrams fill this evaluation of Mercury, which describes its floor, the way it used to be shaped, its climate,Mercury myths, and the background of Mercury learn. additionally encompasses a thesaurus and further-reading checklist.

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Mercury's swift movement through the sky led to its being seen as a messenger. The Babylonians called it Nabu the messenger god and the god of writing. it — — Above: The ancient Babylonians The Babylonians saw Mercury Mercury appeared as the messenger god Nabu, shown here bronze carving. in a also influenced in called it Apollo, after the When it appeared in Greek astronomy. When the evening sky the ancient Greeks god of healing and prophecy. the morning they called after the it Hermes, messenger god.

Could Humans Live There? Mercury would be a dangerous and difficult world to colonize, but a human landing there would not be impossible. Confirmation of ice at the planet's poles would make the idea of a crewed mission to Mercury much more feasible. Ice could magnetic sensor not only provide water, but could also down be broken to produce oxygen for breathing and rocket fuel for the return journey. would laser mapping device A landing at one of the poles make also conditions easier for the do not get explorers, because the poles as scorchingly hot as the equator.

According to this theory. Mercury would rotate once each time mm sidereal it day and orbited the Sun, so the length of year would be equal. planet would have an Schiaparelli's theory icy dark side was accepted its meant the that never saw sunlight. It also until 1962, when astronomers found that Mercury's "dark side" was warmer than expected. In 1965 the world's biggest telescope dish— the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico Mercury. Arecibo was used to —^was used to study beam radio waves at Mercury and monitor the echoes, a technique known as radar astronomy.

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