Mechanics and Chemistry in Lubrication by A. Dorinson and K.C. Ludema (Eds.)

By A. Dorinson and K.C. Ludema (Eds.)

Even though it is well known that friction, put on and lubrication are associated jointly in one interdisciplinary complicated of clinical studying and technological perform, fragmented and really good techniques nonetheless predominate. during this publication, the authors research lubrication from an interdisciplinary perspective. They show that after the remedy of lubrication is published from the confines of the fluid movie thought, this interdisciplinary process comes into complete play. Tribological habit on the subject of lubrication is then tested from significant issues of view: one is mechanical, not just with recognize to the homes and behaviour of the lubricant but in addition of the surfaces being lubricated. the opposite is chemical and encompasses the chemistry of the lubricant, the surfaces and the ambient atmosphere. it really is within the emphasis at the interplay of the fundamental mechanical and chemical methods in lubrication that this publication differs from traditional remedies.

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J. O'Connor, Editor, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1968. of the principal simple formulas of hydrodynamic lubrication. 21 Chapter 3 SOME ADVANCED ASPECTS OF HYDRODYNAMIC LUBRICATION In Chapter 2 the Reynolds equation was derived directly from an engineering model. However, as a matter of history, Osborne Reynolds derived the equation which bears his name from the Navier-Stokes relations by making certain assumptions and simplifications. The NavierStokes equations are the general dynamic relations applicable to that special class of fluids which possess the property of viscosity.

Once a value has been obtained for B the value of E is easily calculated. I t is customary to insert the value of E thus found into Eqn 2-51 to calculate the Sommerfeld number, although, as Pinkus and Sternlicht show, a more realistic relation is (2-53) where X ' is obtained by using Eqn 2-46. By plotting the quantity Xlnlcl against S as calculated by the righthand side of Eqn 2-52 the influence of various operating parameters found on the left-hand side of Eqn 2-52 can be evaluated by hydrodynamic theory.

5. F(lbs) x U(in/s) 6600 THE PIVOTED SLIDER BEARING: DESIGN VARIABLES In optimizing the design of a bearing the object usually is to have the system carry a designated load while losing the least energy in shearing the lubricant and to tolerate sudden overloads should they be expected. One way of increasing the load-carrying capacity of a slider bearing system is to increase the viscosity of the lubricant. But, as examination of Eqns 2-24b and 2-30 reveals, this increases energy loss by Figure 2-6.

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