Marine Surface Weather Observations (National Weather by U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE


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Oilskins and loose clothing inflate and pull against the body. 34 - 40 Head pushed back by the force of the wind if allowed to relax. Oilskins and loose clothing inflate and pull strongly. Halyards rigidly bent. Loud whistle from rigging. Heavy flag straight out and whipping. continued from 2-21 Remarks: When estimating wind speed using the state of the sea and Beaufort scale, remember that heavy rain and floating ice have a dampening effect on the sea surface, so under these conditions, wind speed may be greater than the sea state indicates.

Remarks: Nimbostratus usually has its base under 6500 feet, but may be higher. Discuss your height estimate with the PMO when he comes aboard ship. Weather stations on land use reflected pulses of light to measure cloud base height. You can sometimes check your estimate against a known height, such as when a cloud base intercepts a mountainous coast. For cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds only, the probable height of the base of these clouds can be determined from the difference between the dry bulb temperature and the dew point temperature (in Celsius degrees).

NWSOH No. D YYGGiw 99LaLaLa Qc L o L o L o L o SECTION 1 — METEOROLOGICAL DATA iRix h VV 4PPPP Nddff 00fff 1snTTT 2snTdTdTd 5appp 7wwW1W2 8NhCLCMCH SECTION 2 — OCEANOGRAPHIC DATA 222Dsvs 0ssTwTwTw 2PwPwHwHw 5Pw2Pw2Hw2Hw2 6IsEsEsRs 3dw1dw1dw2dw2 8swTbTbTb ICE 4Pw1Pw1Hw1Hw1 c iS ib iD iz i Definition: Height above sea surface of the base of the lowest cloud seen. Units: Feet or meters. Method of Measurement: Visual estimate. First determine the type of the lowest cloud seen, and then refer to it’s normal height range.

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