Marginalia on Casanova: St. Orpheus Breviary I by Miklós Szentkuthy

By Miklós Szentkuthy

Marginalia on Casanova, the 1st quantity of the St. Orpheus Breviary, is Miklos Szentkuthy's synthesis of 2,000 years of ecu tradition. St. Orpheus is Szentkuthy's Virgil, an omniscient, poet who publications us now not via hell, yet via all of recorded historical past, fantasy, faith, and literature, albeit reimagined as St. Orpheus metamorphosizes himself into kings, popes, saints, tyrants, and artists. immediately pagan and Christian, Greek and Hebrew, Asian and ecu, St. Orpheus is a mosaic of historical past and mankind in a single supra-person and veil, an unending sequence of mask and personae, humanity in its protean, futural form, an consistently altering functionality of discourse, textual content, fable, & mentalite. via St. Orpheus' strategy, disparate moments of historical past develop into synchronic, are juggled to bare, satirically, their mutual distinction and crucial similarity. "Orpheus wandering within the infernal regions," says Szentkuthy, "is the perennial image of the brain misplaced amid the enigmas of truth. the purpose of the paintings is, at the one hand, to symbolize the truth of heritage with the maximum attainable precision, and at the different, to teach, in the course of the mutations of the ecu spirit, the entire uncertainties of contemplative guy, the transiency of feelings and the sterility of philosophical systems." Marginalia on Casanova relives the despiritualization of the most protagonist's sensual adventures, notwithstanding it's much less his intercourse lifestyles & extra his highbrow challenge, the only determinant of his being, that's the focal point of this mesmeric ebook. via his personal glittering institutions and largely spanning array of metaphors, Szentkuthy analyses and perspectives the 18th century and its idea of homogeneity from the vantage aspect of the twentieth century, with the complete armor of somebody who used to be, probably, one of many final Hungarian Europeans. whereas a observation on Casanova's memoirs, it's also Szentkuthy's own philosophy of affection. ardour, playfulness, irony, and a complete gamut of protean metamorphoses are what signify Marginalia on Casanova, a piece within which readers will adventure either profundity and a taking to wing of essay-writing that's intellectually radiant and that's as sensual and provocative as a gondola journey with Casanova.

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