Man and eternity in Islam by Muhammad Mahmud Ghali

By Muhammad Mahmud Ghali

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The above description of the phenomenon of rebirth constitute steps “a” and “b” of the scientific process. The next step of the scientific process is looking for observations that can be predicted assuming the existence of this phenomenon, observations that have a reasonable chance of being practically examined. 32 Abilities of individuals to carry memories of past events differ widely from individual to individual. Some people can remember events and experiences long passed, whereas some easily forget things within a few years.

By hypnosis they can be regressed beyond their birth to their previous lives or even to earlier lives. Many ailments, all types of phobias and even 36 certain physical ailments can be cured by such hypnotic regression. Past life therapy has now become a standard western medical treatment for such ailments. The first highly publicised case of hypnotic regression to past life was that of Bridey Murphy in 1952 in the USA, when this subject was still in its infancy. Several books have been written on this subject by medical practitioners who carry out such treatment.

The subject of psychiatry in western medicine is of more recent origin. 3) death is something like the event horizon of a black hole. Crossing the 31 event horizon is a one-way journey and after crossing it nothing can come back, not even light. Here the body disintegrates after death and the immaterial part is either annihilated or gets into a scientifically unknown state and remains there forever, ie. each individual is born, lives one lifetime and at the end of it passes the event horizon of death to a state of no return.

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