Magic, white and black: or, The science of finite and by Franz Hartmann

By Franz Hartmann

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Modern science classifies but to describe phenomena and describes how an event takes place is events, not sufficient to explain why it takes place. To discover causes, which are in themselves the effects of unknown primal causes, is only to evade one difficulty by substituting another. Science describes some of the attributes of things, but the first causes which brought these attributes into existence are unknown to her, and will remain so, until her powers of perception will penetrate in the unseen.

If one person quarrels with another about religion, he cannot have the true religion, nor can he have any true knowledge. The only true religion is the religion of Love, and love does not quarrel. Love is an element of Wisdom, and there can be no wisdom without love. Each species of birds in the woods sings a different tune ; but the principle which causes them to sing is the same in each. They do not quarrel with each other, because one can sing better than the rest. Moreover, religious disputations, with their resulting animosities, are the most useless things in the world ; for no one can combat the darkness by fighting it with a stick ; the only way to remove darkness is to kindle a light, the only way to dispel spiritual ignorance is to let the light of knowledge that comes from the centre of love shine into the heart.

For the solution of the problem, which thousands of years ago the Egyptian Sphinx propounded. Do the popular religious systems confer any true knowledge of Man ? The conception which the average theolo* gian has of the mysterious being called man is as little as that of the professor of modern science. He looks upon man as a personal being, isolated from other personal beings around whose infinite little personality centres the interests of the infinitely great. He forgets that the founders upon the principal religious systems taught that the original and essential power, that the real man man (Adam) was an impersonal (the Christ) is a SELFISHNESS.

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