Macroeconomic Patterns and Stories by Edward E. Leamer

By Edward E. Leamer

This booklet bargains the knowledge and perception in regards to the US economic system from a well known and distinctive econometrician who chanced on himself first educating macro economics to MBAs after which Directing the highly-regarded and widely-quoted UCLA/Anderson Forecast which gives quarterly forecasts for the U.S. financial system. Edward Leamer argues that ''We are pattern-seeking story-telling animals.'' He presents during this ebook the styles and tales which are the foundation for his realizing of what determines the company cycle and what determines long-run financial growth.

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Did you make some money some other way? Do not count selling that old car of yours. You did not produce that. When you sell that car, record the transaction as a change in the way you hold your assets: cash not car. That is not income. Its merely a change in the way you hold your wealth. You do need to count the honorarium you earned for giving a speech. Include also the rent that you received for that second home that you own. Do not forget your primary home. It is producing housing services too.

Call that the 3–3 rule of US GDP. Notice that the US grew a bit faster than this 3% rate in the 1960s. You can also see in this figure the periods when GDP was dipping down to the floor of the corridor and when it zoomed back up to the ceiling. The dips downward 6 The formula for computing the growth rate with quarterly data is: Annualized compound rate of growth per year = −1 + (RGDP/RGDP(−1))4 , where RGDP refers to the Real GDP and RGDP(-1) to RGDP in the previous quarter. 2 What Does Real GDP Look Like?

If you don’t, your wealth will deteriorate. Net National Product is the amount of product left over after enough is put aside to offset the depreciation of our equipment and our buildings. 9% of GNP. That is how much of GNP was needed to maintain and to replace worn-out existing capital. 1 has the per capita figure. Notice that household figure of $978 – that is your home and your car depreciating. 4 What’s “Real” About “Real GDP” and What Is “Nominal” About “Nominal GDP”? ” What’s real about real GDP?

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