Liquid Crystals: Fundamentals by Shri Singh

By Shri Singh

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In addition, in the relaxation experiments when the equilibrium conditions are abruptly altered, the spectral profiles provide information on the characteristics of the molecular dynamics. The basic ideas behind magnetic resonance are common to both the nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) and electron spin resonance (ESR), but the magnitudes and signs of the magnetic interactions involved differ in these two experiments which principally lead to the divergences in the experimental techniques used.

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54) where Xap is an element of the susceptibility tensor x , a,P = x,y,z. When the field H is static, the tensor xap is symmetric (xap = Xp<0- In the isotropic phase, it has the simple form Xaf3 = X6 a p where 5 a p is the Kronecker delta. 55) X || ; a r e tr, e susceptibilities parallel and perpendicular to the symmetry axis, respectively. We can express x a s Xap=(X||+2xi)(Qap+j6ap) (2-56) with Qj = Ax/(x,| + 2 X ± ) and Q2 = 0, where Ax = X„ - X X denotes the anisotropy in the susceptibility.

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