Light and Darkness: An Unfinished Novel by Natsume Sōseki

By Natsume Sōseki


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Japan's preeminent smooth novelist, Natsume Sôseki (1867-1916), should be greater recognized for his works of fiction Kokoro, Botchan, and i'm a Cat, than for his final novel, Meian, uncompleted at his demise, which is still anything of an enigma -- a missed masterpiece. an easy plot precis doesn't do it justice: the wedding of Tsuda and O-Nobu is threatened while Kobayashi and others start losing tricks approximately one other lady. Tsuda departs on a visit to rendezvous with the lady in query, Kiyoko, his former fiancée. the radical is a research of human personality, a wedding established, and what it capacity to be someone within the glossy international.

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27 them were seated so as to encircle the large porcelain brazier in the centre of the room. Two of them had their arms crossed, two of them stretched their hands over the edge of the brazier, one of them, quite a bit removed from the others, was peering closely at a newspaper, other pages of which lay scattered about there, and the last was stretched out casually, with his legs crossed, at the other end of the sofa in which Tsuda had just sat. After they had turned towards the door, as if in a group action, at the sound of the bell and had stared at him a moment, they settled down, again as if they had decided on such action together.

His aunt’s question was not only sudden, but also Tsuda did not even know in what sense she had asked it. ’ ‘Well, it doesn’t m atter at all to me whether you tell me or not—but just wait and see when you have to marry off a girl. ’ Four years earlier, when their elder daughter had married, they had not had enough money to make all the preparations and had had to borrow a considerable amount. Just when they had finally cleared up the debt they then had to arrange the marriage of their second daughter.

The sky was clear. Sunlight was everywhere. The deep colour of the grove covering the hill across the way appeared as distinct as if it were embossed against the sky. On the way he remembered the castor oil he had forgotten to buy that morning. Since the doctor had ordered him to take it by about four o’clock that afternoon, he had to stop at a drugstore for a moment to buy the laxative. He thus decided not to turn right at the end of the streetcar line and cross the bridge as usual, but to walk towards a business district in the opposite direction.

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