Les Corruptibles, Tome 2 : Zigzag by Jean-Denis Pendanx, Alain Brézault

By Jean-Denis Pendanx, Alain Brézault

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Wealth is not in the hands of those who pass their time producing, making, or creating but in the hands of those who don’t touch a thing. There are three races of men, my dear: those who sell, those who buy, and those who act as intermediaries between these two. ” “By golly, yes! He must be smarter alone than the two together! So you are determined to be witty and to sell words? Well, you will always be wretchedly poor. Buy in order to sell or sell to buy back, that’s the only thing that counts; but you don’t understand me and you despise me.

M. de Valvèdre was quite cautious because of his guides and servants, whom he treated quite humanely. He was equipped with several lightweight and ingeniously designed tents, which could hold his instruments and accommodate all of his people. With a boiling water machine of extremely small dimensions, a marvel of portable industry which he had invented, he could generate heat almost instantly anywhere he was and combat all the accidents resulting from the cold. Last, he had all kinds of supplies for a given time: a small pharmacy, a change of clothes for everyone, and so on.

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