Know your boat by Texas. Parks and Wildlife Dept

By Texas. Parks and Wildlife Dept

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Preparations for those already having the infection are available at sick bay. Make use of the knowledge that will save you much pain and sleep. Follow the instructions on the bottle ! ! If you do not, you will be walking on a mass of sores which often break out on the soles of the feet. For an object lesson, go into a sick bay in the Area and see the poor blokes that failed to observe the rules. Some are strung up like cripples and covered from head to foot with violet paint. Others, more fortunate, will be seen limping around.

2. Stow your mask in a dry place away from excessive heat. 3. Keep only gas protective equipment in your carrier. 4. Don't sit or sleep on your mask. 5. Inspect your mask regularly for defects. 6. Remember your mask is issued only for protection against war gases. htm (35 of 47)7/19/2006 16:32:25 KNOW YOUR PT BOAT 7. Don't use it when spraying paint. 8. It will not protect you from smoke or carbon monoxide, or any oxygen-deficient area. 9. Gas can come at any time-any place-from any direction--listen and be warned -Be Ready.

This requires a tool #13-14 or #227 in the hand, a quick wit, and an exact knowledge of what to do: 1. Rotate starting index spindle one turn counterclockwise. This will stop the torpedo immediately. 2. Close the main stop valve. 3. Put on propeller lock. 4. See that torpedo is lashed or otherwise secured to the rack. If the tool is not readily available and a man standing by, the torpedo should be let alone. See that all hands stand clear well forward or aft, but do not jump over the side. The warhead will not go off.

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