Justin, the First: An Introduction to the Epoch of Justinian by A. A. Vasiliev

By A. A. Vasiliev

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5 Result of questionnaire survey from the First International Sleep Technology Symposium Sleep Medicine Engineering Industrial Design Modern Sleep Technology Psychology Technology Management Fig. 6 Cross domain chemical reaction between sleep medicine, psychology, engineering, industrial design and technology management to form the field of “modern sleep technology” with the background of medicine, psychology, engineering, industrial design and technology management (Fig. 6) to support this new cross-domain field of modern sleep technology.

Only a limited number of channels were available for electrode sites, the amplifiers filled an entire room and the recording system used ink pens and required careful calibration before each study. Furthermore, the studies generated large amounts of paper which were difficult to manage. World War II interrupted most research, but was followed by a rapid improvement in technology because of wartime advances in electronics. The discovery of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is one of the major advances in the field of sleep research.

This chapter has been organized to briefly relate the major developments in sleep medicine and to summarize the evolution of polysomnography. Keywords Sleep medicine • History • Polysomnography Sleep and dreams have played a central role in the culture of humankind and has fascinated people for a very long time. Sleep occupies a third of our lives; every night the mystery of sleep unfolds before each of us. However, it was not until recently that we had the opportunity to study sleep from a scientific point of view, in other words, beyond the observations of philosophers, poets and prophets.

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