John Locke: Resistance, Religion and Responsibility by John Marshall

By John Marshall

This booklet presents a tremendous new ancient account of the advance of the political, non secular, social and ethical considered the political theorist and thinker John Locke. It bargains reinterpretations of a number of of his most crucial works, fairly the 2 Treatises, and comprises vast analyses of his unpublished manuscripts. Professor Marshall's arguments problem many different students' interpretations of the nature and affects of Locke's ethical, social and spiritual idea and supply an alternate account.

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This time Locke's main force was directed against the infallibility claimed by Roman Catholics, but he was also importantly concerned to buttress church authority against individual interpretation. The manuscript is scrappy, appears to have been composed hurriedly, and is clearly unfinished in its present state. Indeed, the most important thing that the manuscript conveys is the overall impression of Locke thinking in a quite rudimentary manner about questions of scriptural interpretation. Having assaulted in the Two Tracts the crafty preachers who had caused the Civil War, Locke's 'Essay on Infallibility' indicted Catholics firstly for their claims of papal infallibility and secondly for their elevation of traditions 'which grow up continually as the occasion demands'.

Since a magistrate who was created by consent 'concentrates in his person the authority and natural right of every individual by a general contract' all indifferent things, 'sacred no less than profane', could be 'entirely subjected to his legislative power and government'. 23 Magisterial authority to determine indifferent matters was necessary not merely because without it there could be no government, but also because men's opinions varied so much over time and place that God could not have set up any universal standard in circumstances of worship.

Sanderson, De Obligatione Conscientiae (1660); citations from Bishop Sanderson's Lectures on Conscience and Human Law, ed. and transl. C. , 273. Against the 'tyranny of a religious rage9 13 lated the first tract to Towerson and Tilly; Towerson encouraged him to publish and thereby do 'God and the church a piece of seasonable service'. 19 Locke's Two Tracts rehearsed at length many of the themes that had occupied much of his reading of Anglican works. Equally significantly, however, they combined the hostility to the puritan case for liberty that those works expressed with a formidable anticlericalism that was very much his own personal sentiment, and the Tracts did not support Sanderson's vision of clerical re-establishment of the Anglican church.

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