Janess Fighting Ships 1953-54 by Raymond V.S.Blackman

By Raymond V.S.Blackman

Справочник по кораблям военно-морских сил и флотов стран мира по состоянию на конец 1953 года.

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Captain Newman advised a British vessel of the same class would carry about a dozen of each. Pfeiffer attested the green and red lights were intended to illuminate the sea at night, while searching for shipwrecked mariners or their corpses, as the vessel had no searchlight. The Court concluded the Very lights were used to acknowledge Morse signals received from a distance much greater than the Morse lamp they had on board could carry. 4 The case still remains a contentious issue among naval historians.

After searching the vessel devoid of any patients, nothing of a suspicious nature was discovered: the after hold did contain twenty to thirty feet of sand ballast which might possibly have concealed war-like stores, but this he thought unlikely. However he could find no trace in the ship舗s log ordering Ophelia to search within the co-ordinates stated. Following his report, the Admiralty ordered him to return to the enemy hospital ship, dismantle her wireless, and escort the Ophelia into Yarmouth.

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