Introduction to the Devanagari Script for students of by H. M. Lambert

By H. M. Lambert

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Sm© CONJUNCT CHARACTERS b. , or following The f o l l o w i n g c h a r a c t e r s only in e x t e r n a l Js another character. t r 9 v 9 words beginning with In are h. c^T TFT W M ksi^o -ksm o -stvo -tstho HTO TP? 7 ^ stryo -tsmyo -rsty© -rtsnye kso T^T from 3 £f} • TTO Calligraphy: series a conjunct c h a r a c t e r . Conjunct c h a r a c t e r s of C l a s s e s 1. - 3. w i t h C l a s s "? TOT -n/o kso _ occurring TOT or "R some sandhi. s * so 49 , Bombay form - $ §f. fcj -tsno $J Reading e x a m p l e s ^ a.

In words, such as iccha

Calligraphically these three characters are not formed by joining two distinct charact ers, but they are considered in this work under the appropriate classes of conjunct characters because they represent syllables consisting of two consonants and the vowel 9 . If any characters are not modifiable, and therefore cannot be combined, by any of these methods, the realisation of them without an intervening vowel is indicated by writing the first character with the viramsh, thus 3 ^ ^5 ^ t- k9 t 3~ k 8 ^ ^ d 8 3 ^ d 9 W

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