Introduction to Psychology for Medical Students by R. R. Hetherington

By R. R. Hetherington

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It will also be seen that for siblings reared together, the correlation for attainments is actually higher than for twins reared apart, b u t not as high as for twins reared together. It would seem that environment has a marked effect on educational attainments, as might be expected, less effect on intelligence, and least of all on height. T h e correlation for the height of twins is the same whether they are reared together or apart. Clinical Applications of Intelligence Tests T h e way a patient is handled by the doctor or nurse should bear some relation to his intellectual level, particularly with respect to explanations given to him about w h a t is wrong with him and about what his treatment is to be.

S 3 N S S o ^ c j n î X S f s S m m m m in in · · · * · * · · · (n^ifltONootnmininmtniAioio ÎQ ' ~ Fig. 12 form of the Binet scale, of 2904 unselected children between the ages of 2 and 18 years. Q,. Q,. 125. This sort of distribution is the expected one for all measures which are randomly distributed. Similar curves would be obtained for measures of the height and weight of adults in the general population, or for groups of children at any given age. This is known as the " normal distribution " and would occur if you tossed ten pennies up a thousand times, and counted at each toss the n u m b e r of heads.

This was a vital factor in Thorndike's theory of learning. H e said that those actions which were rewarded by success were " stamped in " to the animal's repertoire of movements, and those which were unsuccessful were " stamped out ". As we shall see, this concept of reward appears again in more modern theories of conditioning, in the guise o f " reinforcement " . This is all good common sense, because we know from our own experience that when we are learning a new skill, or trying to solve a problem, those actions which are successful are the ones we remember.

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