Introduction to phycology by Graham Robin South, Alan Whittick

By Graham Robin South, Alan Whittick

This article offers the topic utilizing a structures process and is accordingly a departure from the customarily hired phyletic process. themes lined contain class, mobile and sub-cellular association, morphology and progress, replica and existence cycles, evolution, phylogeny, body structure, ecology and the connection among algae and guy. All at the moment well-known algal divisions are coated, together with the Cyanophyceae and the Prochlorophycota. themes are taken care of in a concise and real demeanour, every one part supplying an updated evaluate with huge connection with key literature. the quantity is profusely illustrated with line drawings and pictures, and synoptic tables relief the translation of the topic. An creation to Phycology is meant to be used in undergraduate classes, yet can also be a important reference textual content for postgraduates.

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Other cell inclusions include carbohydrate reserves (often associated with Fig. 1 Prochloron sp. (Prochlorophyta). Frcczc- fracture replica of a cell showing general organization. Note the thylakoids "'/hosc lumcn( ~) C;1n be distinguished from the cytoplasm{ C) by the smoother texture (x II (00). From Giddings el al. (1980) with permission. 46 pyrenoids) and a variety of crystalline, lipid, or other materials. In many algae motility is effected with the aid of flagella, whip-like appendages whose bounding membrane is continuous with the plasmalemma.

There may be one, two, four, six, or eight flagella. In un i- and biflagellate species the flagella are laterally inserted, while in quadriflagellate species the flagella are of approximately equal length and arise from a pit-like depression in the apical region of the heart-shaped cell. g. Halosphaera viridis; Parke & Adams, 1961) have alternating motile and non-motile stages. g. Platymonas and Prasinoc/adus). Asexual reproduction may involve zoosporeforming stages or simple division; sexual reproduction is unknown.

The flagellar transition zone contains a nine-pointed stellate body (Moestrup, 1982). Cell walls are composed of cellulose, except in siphonous members, which have mannan or xylan, and members of the Prasinophyceae, which have galactan and uronic acid residues. Many Chlorophycota are calcified, especially tropical marine siphonous forms and members of the Charophyceae. Asexual reproduction is by fragmentation, or by formation of zoospores, aplanospores, or autospores. Sexual reproduction may be isogamous, anisogamous or oogamous.

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