Improving window energy efficiency by Canada. Office of Energy Efficiency

By Canada. Office of Energy Efficiency

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Dissolved in 3 & Three ml. psrohloric acid am boiled to prchloric acid fume b 6. drymss (Nob 2). the added. The solution is (cautiod ) and then fumed slmst mixhre is cook& Ten ml. of watir and 1 mg. of ferric ion are added; ammonium ~k iS SMed until-the mdybdic oxide diasol~s l@rcdde has wecipitatad. ang fast filter papr 7. Then of fwdng mitic and ferric The mixture is filtered through such aa Whahan 4 or U. 5 ml. more of 6 M HN03 is added. & (100 ~ Pb+2/~ ml. of Pb(N03)2 solution is added and the solution heatid to boiling.

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