How Products Are Made: An Illustrated Guide to Product by Kyung-Sun Lim

By Kyung-Sun Lim

Welcome to How items Are Made: An Illustrated advisor to Product Manufacturing.
This sequence presents distinctive but available info at the manufacture of a
variety of things, from daily loved ones items to heavy equipment to sophisticated
electronic apparatus. With step by step descriptions of approaches, simple
explanations of technical phrases and ideas, and transparent, easy-to-follow illustrations,
the sequence can be helpful to a large audience.
In every one quantity ofHow items Are Made, you will discover items from a huge range
of production components: nutrition, garments, electronics, transportation, equipment, instruments,
sporting items, and extra. a few are intermediate items offered to manufacturers
of different items, whereas others are retail items offered on to shoppers. You will
find items made of various fabrics, and you'll even locate items such
as priceless metals and minerals that aren't "made" quite a bit as they're extracted and

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R a w Materials Barbed wire is usually made of steel, which is an alloy of iron and a small amount of carbon. The raw materials required to manufacture steel are iron ore, coke (a carbonrich substance produced by heating coal to a high temperature in the absence of air), and limestone. To prevent rusting, the steel wire is usually coated with zinc. Sometimes the steel is coated with aluminum, and occasionally the barbed wire itself is made of aluminum. The M a n u f a c t u r i n g Process Making steel ingots Iron ore, coke, and limestone are heated in a blast furnace by hot pressurized air.

Later that year, Jacques Charles flew a balloon made of silk coated with a rubber varnish and filled with hydrogen, a gas that is lighter than air. These early demonstrations attracted a great deal of excitement, and balloons were soon put to many uses in science, sport, and war. The rubber toy balloon as we know it today is different from the early balloons in that it is made entirely of rubber. A practical way of making such formed rubber products required several discoveries and inventions. These developments took place gradually over the years since the first rubber factory in the world was established near Paris in 1803.

Bathtubs must be manufactured according to standards established by the American National Standards Institute. The Manufacturing Process: Enameled Bathtubs Though humans have bathed since prehistoric times, baths served a primarily religious, social, or pleasurable function far more often than a hygienic one. , constructing elaborate public buildings of enormous size with several rooms for disrobing, exercise, and bathing. Raw Materials The metal base for bathtubs is made of gray cast iron (containing carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, and sulfur), titanium steel, zero carbon steel, or partially decarburized steel.

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