Hot & Heavy by Sandra Hill

By Sandra Hill

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Vamps & Tramps: New Essays

The bestselling writer of Sexual Personae and intercourse, artwork, and American tradition is again with a fiery new selection of essays on every thing from paintings and superstar to homosexual activism, Lorena Bobbitt to invoice and Hillary. those essays have by no means seemed in booklet shape, and lots of could be showing in print for the 1st time.

Framing Female Lawyers: Women on Trial in Film

As actual girls more and more entered the professions from the Nineteen Seventies onward, their cinematic opposite numbers go well with. ladies legal professionals, specifically, have been the protagonists of many Hollywood movies of the Reagan-Bush period, serving as one of those shorthand reference any time a script wanted a robust occupation girl.

The Hostess: Hospitality, Femininity, and the Expropriation of Identity

The evolution of the assumption of hospitality could be traced along the advance of Western civilization. Etymologically, the host is the “master,” yet this id is tested via expropriation and loss—the top host is the one that supplies the main, finally relinquishing what defines him as grasp.

Supernatural forces: belief, difference, and power in contemporary works by ethnic women

The connection among people and their gods has consistently been a main subject matter in literature. till lately, notwithstanding, books within the American literary canon have infrequently been excited about any supernatural beings except the Judeo-Christian god. during this e-book Bonnie Winsbro strikes past that slender concentration to ascertain the facility of the supernatural within the works of six ethnic writers: Lee Smith's Oral heritage, Louise Erdrich's Tracks, Leslie Marmon Silko's rite, Gloria Naylor's Mama Day, Toni Morrison's loved, and Maxine Hong Kingston's the girl Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood between Ghosts.

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Is my prisoner daring to order me about… again? Incredible'. She turned her head, holding the object in her right hand. He seemed very upset that she would touch his… thing. Hmmm. Does it have some special value? Mayhap there is a gem in there. She held the metal part to her face and peered into the barrel. "Oh, damn! " he yelled. "You are going to burst a vein in your forehead if you are not careful. You remind me of my father the time he suffered under an absurd vow of celibacy. " "Gun! " he demanded.

Who knew how long it would have to last them? He forced her to lie back and knelt at her side. Taking the wet gauze, he began to clean the cuts on her face, some of which were still seeping blood. "Most of the wounds are just superficial, but the one above your left eye probably needs a butterfly clip," he remarked as he worked, dabbing and applying antiseptic. "I have no idea what you said. " He took a metal suture from his kit and leaned forward. " She closed her eyes and did not even wince when he clamped the pieces of skin together.

To fatten me for the kill? She decided that it mattered not what his motive might have been. She had been fasting for two days. Rolling onto her face, she got up on her knees, her buttocks in the air, and nibbled on the food like a dog in the rushes. The food was delicious. Sweet. With nuts and raisins. Eating like a dog was not so easy, she soon discovered. The bar kept moving away from her till she pushed it up against the wall. Once replete, she wiggled her body back to its resting place. She'd noticed the knife on the other side of the cave, and did not doubt that the beast had left it deliberately.

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