H ∞ Control and Filtering of Two-dimensional Systems by Chunling Du, Lihua Xie

By Chunling Du, Lihua Xie

Over the previous many years a substantial curiosity has been targeting difficulties regarding indications and platforms that depend upon a couple of variable. 2-D indications and structures were studied when it comes to numerous sleek engineering fields akin to method keep watch over, multidimensional electronic filtering, photograph enhancement, snapshot deblurring, sign processing and so on. one of the significant effects constructed up to now, 2-D electronic filters are investigated as an outline in frequency area or as a convolution of the enter and the unit reaction, which has an excellent strength for sensible purposes in 2-D photograph and sign processing. This monograph goals to handle numerous difficulties of keep watch over and filtering of 2-D discrete platforms. in particular the issues of Hinfinity filtering, Hinfinity regulate, stabilization, Hinfinity version relief in addition to Hinfinity deconvolution filtering of 2-D linear discrete structures are treated.

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