Generalized Hyperbolic Secant Distributions: With by Matthias J. Fischer

By Matthias J. Fischer

​Among the symmetrical distributions with an unlimited area, the most well-liked replacement to the traditional version is the logistic distribution in addition to the Laplace or the double exponential distribution, which was once first brought in 1774. sometimes, the Cauchy distribution is additionally used. unusually, the hyperbolic secant distribution has led a charmed existence, even though Manoukian and Nadeau had already said in 1988 that “... the hyperbolic-secant distribution ... has no longer got adequate recognition within the released literature and should be worthwhile for college students and practitioners.” over the last few years, although, a number of generalizations of the hyperbolic secant distribution became well known within the context of monetary go back info as a result of its first-class healthy. the vast majority of them are summarized inside of this Springer Brief.

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