Fundamental Differences: Feminists Talk Back to Social by Burack, Josephson, Cynthia Burack, Jyl J. Josephson, Timothy

By Burack, Josephson, Cynthia Burack, Jyl J. Josephson, Timothy J. Biblarz, Nancy D. Campbell, Victoria Davion, Jenrose Fitzgerald, Suzanne E. Franks, Janice Haaken, Valerie C. Johnson, Sharon Lamb, Valerie Lehr, Gwendolyn Mink, R Claire Snyder, Judith Stace

Fundamental alterations brings jointly lucid interdisciplinary reviews of social conservative politics and ideas within the components of welfare, kinfolk and faculty coverage, gender illustration, and conservative doctrine. the celebrated crew of authors responds on to New correct political discourse, determining key ambiguities, ideological convictions, and methodological problems.

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23. Thornhill and Palmer, Natural Histoy , 180. 24. ” n e y Blinded Me with Science 25 25. In the 2002 movie Minority Repofl, individuals are punished for murders they have not yet committed but which the authorities believe will occur if they are left alone. 26. Thornhill and Palmer, Natural Histoy , ch. 5 and 6. 27. Thornhill and Palmer, Natural Histoy, 123. 28. Thornhill and Palmer, Natural Histoy, 153-54. 29. Thornhill and Palmer, Natural Histoy , 176. 30. Thornhill and Palmer, Natural Histoy , 177.

Ultimately, evolution is behind it all. As they state, “Rape behavior arises from elements of men’s sexual nature-their sexual psychology . . "'^ As Margaret Wertheim has noted, this view of human male nature is strikingly similar to that of “feminist extremists like Andrea Dworkin . . ”and another to 20 Suzanne E. ”’*’Feminists are depicted as suffering from biophobia, the sources of which are several: the naturalistic fallacy, or the belief that to admit something is natural is to admit it is good; the myth of genetic determinism, or the assumption that evolutionary explanations are based on the notion of genetically determined behavior; the failure to distinguish proximate from ultimate explanations; the perceived threat of biology to cherished ideology; and the perceived threat of biology to the status of those whose success is based on nonevolutionary theories.

As an alumna of MIT, I find it particularly embarrassing to see the imprimatur of science given to this work through its publication by MIT Press. 34 In 2003, MIT Press will publish a book entitled Gender, Evolution, and Rape. ”3~This is reminiscent of another pairing of volumes that appeared at the end of the nineteenth century. In 1873,Edward H. 36Clarke’s main thesis was that education would cause a woman’s uterus to wither and decay, 7hey Blinded Me with Science 23 and he, too, claimed the mantle of science to support his selective use of biological theory and data.

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