Fluid Dynamics of Packed Columns: Principles of the Fluid by Jerzy Mackowiak, Claudia Hall

By Jerzy Mackowiak, Claudia Hall

This ebook presents help to engineers in addition to graduate scholars of their day-by-day layout paintings in the or for the advance of latest crops. It investigates the most important matters in relation to the fluid dynamic layout of packed columns utilized in rectification, absorption and stripping (desorption) below vacuum, basic strain and as much as a hundred bar and liquid-liquid-extraction, that are correct in waste air and wastewater know-how. the writer provides a standardised version, that is legitimate for any kind of packing and will be used to calculate the fuel pace at flooding element in addition to the liquid hold-up and the strain drop through the whole working diversity for random packings, stacked packings components, tube columns and dependent packings with diverse movement channel angles. The booklet additionally comprises packing parameter facts for approx. 2 hundred random and dependent packings. as well as outlining the basic ideas of fluid dynamics, it provides a variety of examples of functional application.

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To Mersmann [3] with experimental data for random and stacked Białecki rings the applicability of the following model: uV,Fl = 1 − h0L,Fl u0 n (2-19) where h0L,Fl is the liquid hold-up h0L,Fl of the free packing volume at the flooding point, acc. to Eq. 2 Flooding Point Figure 2-6. Model of suspended bed of droplets (SBD) for describing the flooding point in packed columns for gas (or vapour)/liquid systems Figure 2-7. Dependence uV,Fl = f(1-h0L,Fl ) for random metal Białecki rings. Experimental data see Fig.

Plastic, ceramic and metal, in particular in the case of very small and moderate liquid loads. In two-phase flow, once the gas has reached a certain velocity, the formation of additional droplets can occur through separation from films. The total liquid hold-up hL of such droplets, runlets and films reduces the free cross-section available for the gas flow. J. 1007/b98397_2, © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2010 2 26 CHAPTER 2 Two-Phase Flow and Operating Range Figure 2-1. Dependencies (a) hL = f(FV ), (b) p/H = f(FV ), (c) nt /H = f(FV ) as examples of qualitative illustration of activities in packed columns The effective void fraction of the packing (ε-hL ) decreases, which results in an increase in pressure drop p/H, based on the accepted law of resistance acc.

Under such operating conditions, there is little droplet formation, and the energy of the gas is not sufficient to keep the droplets suspended. This clearly shows that the validity range of the film model covers operations running at very low gas velocities and using liquids with high surface tension. This applies, in particular, to large-surface, smooth and easily irrigatable packing materials, such as ceramic. In order to describe the fluid dynamics outside this validity range, it would be better to 43 44 CHAPTER 2 Two-Phase Flow and Operating Range Figure 2-5c.

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