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By Jackie Green, Jane South

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Vamps & Tramps: New Essays

The bestselling writer of Sexual Personae and intercourse, paintings, and American tradition is again with a fiery new number of essays on every thing from artwork and star to homosexual activism, Lorena Bobbitt to invoice and Hillary. those essays have by no means seemed in publication shape, and lots of may be showing in print for the 1st time.

Framing Female Lawyers: Women on Trial in Film

As genuine ladies more and more entered the professions from the Seventies onward, their cinematic opposite numbers go well with. girls legal professionals, particularly, have been the protagonists of many Hollywood movies of the Reagan-Bush period, serving as one of those shorthand reference any time a script wanted a robust occupation lady.

The Hostess: Hospitality, Femininity, and the Expropriation of Identity

The evolution of the assumption of hospitality should be traced along the improvement of Western civilization. Etymologically, the host is the “master,” yet this identification is tested via expropriation and loss—the most sensible host is the one that offers the main, finally relinquishing what defines him as grasp.

Supernatural forces: belief, difference, and power in contemporary works by ethnic women

The connection among people and their gods has consistently been a major subject in literature. until eventually lately, despite the fact that, books within the American literary canon have hardly ever been excited by any supernatural beings except the Judeo-Christian god. during this ebook Bonnie Winsbro strikes past that slim concentration to envision the facility of the supernatural within the works of six ethnic writers: Lee Smith's Oral background, Louise Erdrich's Tracks, Leslie Marmon Silko's rite, Gloria Naylor's Mama Day, Toni Morrison's loved, and Maxine Hong Kingston's the lady Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood between Ghosts.

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1. Green refers to this decay in impact over time as the backsliding effect. He also identifies three additional time-dependent effects: • Borrowing from the future or trigger effect. The effect of a programme may be overestimated if it initiates change that would have happened anyway. The intervention merely brings forward or hastens change. 1, if those attending for screening are those who would have attended in the reasonably near future anyway, the initial gains may be offset by a reduction in attendance at a later point, leading to a reduced or even zero net effect.

On the basis of this comparison, the lower-cost option can be identified. • Cost-effectiveness analysis. The costs of the programme are quantified in monetary terms and the benefits are identified, ideally as some quantifiable unit such as reduced incidence of a disease or number of life years saved, although no monetary value is assigned to these. 3. For example, within the field of smoking cessation, the cost of providing nicotine replacement therapy per person giving up smoking for 1 year or more could be compared with the cost of general practitioners providing advice to stop smoking during normal consultations per person giving up smoking for 1 year or more.

7). 7 Deficiencies of drug trials (Editor BMJ 1998) Too small Too short Poor quality Poorly presented Methodological inadequacies Few include adequate measures of quality of life Cost data poorly presented Ethical aspects often neglected Views of participants are either not sought or forgotten Participants often have limited understanding of what is happening Poorly managed Politics can hijack conclusions Marketeers can use trials for their own ends Control groups In relation to the feasibility of using experimental design, it should be recognized that public health and health promotion interventions are fundamentally different from clinical interventions.

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