Enkephalins and Endorphins: Stress and the Immune System by N. P. Plotnikoff, A. J. Murgo, R. E. Faith, R. A. Good

By N. P. Plotnikoff, A. J. Murgo, R. E. Faith, R. A. Good (auth.), Nicholas P. Plotnikoff, Robert E. Faith, Anthony J. Murgo, Robert A. Good M.D, Ph.D. (eds.)

Is this a time for a dozing substantial to upward thrust? now we have identified for the reason that research of the lymphocyte and plasma cells particularly started in earnest within the early 1940's that the pituitary adrenal axis below intimate keep an eye on of the hypothalamus might effect immunological features profoundly. we've additionally recognized for a minimum of twenty years in my recollection that lady intercourse hor­ mones can maximize yes immunity services whereas male intercourse hormones are likely to suppress many immunological reactions. The thyroid hormones speed up antibody construction whereas even as sp~eding up de­ gradation of antibodies and immunoglobulins and thyroidectomy decreases the speed of antibody construction. additional, a lot facts has amassed indicating that the mind, sure even the brain, can effect in major methods susceptibility to infections, cancers and to improvement of quite a few autoimmune illnesses. greater than twenty years in the past, my colleagues and that i confident ourselves, if nobody else, that hypnosis can exert significant in­ fluences at the effector limb of the classical atopic allergies. We confirmed with Aaron Papermaster that the Prausnitz-Kustner response can be vastly inhibited, certainly mostly managed, by way of post-hypnotic advice. And it was once now not even useful for us to put up our discovery simply because scientists in John Humphrey's laboratory at Mill Hill study middle in London had crushed us to the punch. They defined hypnotic regulate of either the PK response and not on time allergies to tuberculin through hypnosis.

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On the whole, release, hydrolysis and protection of enkephalins seem to be a quite complex phenomena. The phylogenetic history of opioid peptides is a relatively long one, since these peptides are found in different, although related, phyla such as Mollusca, Annelida and Arthropoda, as well as in Chordata (53-55). A long molecular evolution can certainly account for the existence of complex interactions as well as for the existance of different physiological roles for the same molecule. A certain degree of intrinsic naivete nothwithstanding, it seems worthwhile to attempt to interpret the existing data on enkephalins' hydrolysis in terms of the functional significance of the hydrolysis/protection mechanisms discovered so far.

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