Electrical Circuits and Systems by Noel M. Morris (auth.)

By Noel M. Morris (auth.)

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3 Norton's Theorem This simply states that any two-terminal electrical network can be replaced by an equivalent electrical network comprising a current source I shunted by a conductance G. 7. The magnitude of the current supplied by the current source is equal to the current that would flow between the load terminals when they are short-circuited, and G is the conductance measured at terminals A and B when all supply sources in the network are replaced by their internal conductances. 8 (b) A physical interpretation of a current source The concept of a current source is not an easy one to grasp, and it is best understood from the following analogy.

D. across either of the resistors. 16 Mechanical Quantities In electrical engineering we need to use certain mechanical quantities, the units of these quantities being defined in terms of the units of length, mass, and time, namely the metre, the kilogram, and the second as follows. 22 Electrical Circuits and Systems Force Symbol F. The newton (N) is that force which gives a mass of 1 kg an acceleration of 1 m/s•. The relationship between these factors is F = mf newtons where m = mass, and f = acceleration.

5 V, and for R of 5 n. 2 S. 5. f. f. being replaced meanwhile by their respective internal resistances. This principle is not confined to electrical circuits, and may be applied to many forms of physical and mechanical systems. 6. 1la using the superposition principle. f. taken separately is calculated, the net circuit current being the sum of the two currents. 11b, currentl 1 due to the 4 V cell taken alone is I 1 = 4/4 = 1 A and flows in a clockwise direction around the circuit. 5 A 38 Electrical Circuits and Systems and flows in an anticlockwise direction.

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