E-Innovation: Innovation 01.03 (Express Exec) by Bob Cotton

By Bob Cotton

Quick song path to winning innovation in a electronic worldCovers the most important parts of e-innovation, from making plans for non-stop switch and pattern forecasting to e-innovation strategies and dispensed innovationExamples and classes from a few of the world's such a lot cutting edge companies, together with Napster, Cybiko, RedHat, Handspring and Sony, and ideas from the neatest thinkers, together with Eric S. Raymond, James F. Moore, Leonard Fuld, Robert G. Cooper, Peter Small, Bruce Kogut and Anca MeituIncludes a thesaurus of key recommendations and a finished assets consultant

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E-Innovation: Innovation 01.03 (Express Exec)

Quickly song path to winning innovation in a electronic worldCovers the foremost components of e-innovation, from making plans for non-stop swap and development forecasting to e-innovation techniques and disbursed innovationExamples and classes from the various world's so much leading edge companies, together with Napster, Cybiko, RedHat, Handspring and Sony, and concepts from the neatest thinkers, together with Eric S.

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When you come to think in a map, it's very tricky to alter it, and, in the event that your proof are fallacious you then can be hoping on a map that's mistaken too. Too usually 'mental maps' act like blinkers instead of courses - fighting us from appearing successfully. Rafael Ramirez (from the Preface) the worth web a device for aggressive technique Cinzia Parolini SDA Bocconi, tuition of administration, Milan, Italy confronted with a consistently altering, and an more and more aggressive, company surroundings, strategic analysts and senior managers are nonetheless reluctant to forsake the general and standard instruments and types which have been conceived within the very diverse international of the Nineteen Seventies and Eighties.

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Broadband networking, with its round-the-clock connectivity (‘‘always on’’ connections) offers opportunities for really spontaneous and casual dialogue, together with the means to deliver our body language signals (the gestures, facial expressions and so on that characterize real-world conversations) in high-definition video, promises to allow the kind of tele-presence experiences essential to meaningful conferencing and groupware. The aim is to generate in the tele-presence world the ‘‘serotonin effect’’ that amplifies our experience of real meetings with people in the real world, by means of high-definition communications giving us a heightened sense of contact and proximity.

OSS is the ‘‘triumph of the commons’’, and GNU’s copyright is called copyleft. Apart from the tradition of sharing and cooperation, what else motivates individual software engineers to devote time and talent to the solution of OSS programming problems and refinements? Kogut and Meitu point to three main reasons: 1 Reciprocity. An unpublished paper by Eric von Hippel, entitled ‘‘Emerging economies of virtual communities: ‘Free’ user-to-user 36 E-INNOVATION assistance in open-source communities’’ (unpublished paper, MIT) documents the importance of reciprocity in the support groups for Apache – one of the leading server-software applications (and one of the great successes of the open-source movement).

And their success has inspired other companies to move into this opportunity space between free open-source and paying customers. com), a privately funded company based in Norfolk, Virginia, started packaging PostgreSQL, a popular and powerful open-source database. Great Bridge will promote, market and provide professional support services for PostgreSQL in much the same way that Red Hat does for Linux. 40 E-INNOVATION NOTES 1 Moore’s Law: the observation by Gordon Moore in 1966 that integrated circuits (later microprocessors) doubled in capacity every 18 months, for the same relative cost.

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