Down To The Sea In Ships: Of Ageless Oceans and Modern Men by Horatio Clare

By Horatio Clare

For millennia, the seaways have carried our items, cultures and concepts, the terrors of struggle and the bounties of peace - they usually have by no means been busier than they're this day. yet although our normality is dependent upon transport, it's a global which passes principally unconsidered, unseen and unrecorded. Out of sight, in each lonely nook of each sea, via each evening, each day, and each that you can imagine climate, tiny crews of seafarers paintings the large ships which retain landed existence afloat. those usual males (and they're ordinarily males) dwell remarkable lives, topic to pressures we all know - households, relationships, goals and fears - and to hazards and problems we will in basic terms think, from hurricanes and pirates to years of confinement in harmful, if no longer hellish, environments.

Horatio Clare joins box ships, traveling within the corporation in their crews and captains. jointly they adventure unforgettable trips: the 1st, from East to West (Felixstowe to la, through Suez) is wealthy with Mediterranean heritage, torn with hurricane nights and gilded with an unearthly Pacific peace; the second one northerly passage, from Antwerp to Montreal, reeks of diesel, wuthers with gales and is going to frozen areas of the North Atlantic, in deep wintry weather, the place the ocean itself turns out haunted.

In Clare's bright prose a latest does conflict with implacable forces, because the ships go seas of historical past and incident, whereas seafarers spread the tales in their lives, telling their stories and yarns. a gorgeous and terrifying portrait of the oceans and their human topics, and a desirable examine of massive enterprise afloat, all the way down to the ocean in Ships is a relocating tribute to people who reside and paintings at the nice waters, faraway from land.

'Magnificent' Robert Macfarlane

'Tremendous' The Times

Literary Awards
Winner of the Stanford Dolman commute e-book of the Year

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