Distributist Perspectives: Volume I by J. Forrest Sharpe, D. Liam O'Huallachain, Thomas Naylor,

By J. Forrest Sharpe, D. Liam O'Huallachain, Thomas Naylor, Fr. Lawrence Smith

The writings gathered listed below are from a college of English thinkers within the Nineteen Thirties and Nineteen Forties who have been curious about the determined nation of contemporary society. The writers comprise G. okay. Chesterton, H. J. Massingham, Eric Gill, Hilaire Belloc, Herbert Shove, and Arthur Penty. They learn a variety of elements of the matter of capitalist society; the origins, advantages, and demerits of industrialism; the significance of artwork to society and its sufferance below capitalism; the dimensions of industrial association and its relevance to potency; the character and objective of labor as an idea; and the the most important nature of knowing the current via genuine wisdom of the earlier.

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Conversations about Distributism with trained and professional economists invariably slide into other subjects, as the “experts” despair of ever making clear to the Distributist that he is not being practical, that he is ignorant of the incredible complexity of the mechanics of economics, that normal people do not desire the good sought by Distributism. Distributists, we are told ad nauseam, do not understand the facts. There are technical elements within economics that Distributism simply cannot address.

It is not until someone is able to insist that he desires something entirely different that a difference will be made in how life is lived. To quote from Harold J. Massingham’s essay, “And His Mental Exodus”: Become different from your enemiy; do not under another name manifest him in yourselves. It is not systems that need to change, but the hearts of men that need to be converted through the love of God, by the Love Who is God. Introduction 33 Captain Herbert Shove begins his essay, “The Growth of Industrialism”, with a quote from Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Rerum Novarum.

And as is so typical of 21st-century America, more “Chicagoans” live in the ’burbs than between Evanston and Calumet City and Oak Park and the Lake. Chicago today has better air, better water, better paving (if not better traffic), and better race relations than a century ago. One thing about Chicago most certainly is not better: Chicago is not very good at being Chicago. It can do a passable impression of New York. There are hints of Paris about it in the springtime. Beijing can be seen peeking out of portions of the near-south side.

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