Diesel Engines by A.J. Wharton (Auth.)

By A.J. Wharton (Auth.)

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This is then said to be 'power balanced' and it may be necessary to make some minor adjustments to achieve this. Power produced is related to the quantity of fuel injected and balancing is carried out by small adjustments to individual fuel pump controls. Adjustments are limited to ensure units are not overloaded, exhaust temperatures are not excessive, and that pump controls still cut off when brought to stop. Fuel pump rack positions and exhaust and cooling return temperatues from each cylinder should be noted.

It may also be used with greater stroke/bore ratio and in opposed piston engines. It avoids the difficulty of high temperature gradient between adjacent scavenge and exhaust ports in (a), or the temperature difference on opposite sides of piston and rings in (b). Uniflow or through scavenge with a large centrally positioned exhaust valve is used in most modern, slow-speed, large engines. It allows design of efficient long-stroke engines and is less susceptible to damage from the products of combustion from low quality heavy fuels.

They should be clear of the combustion space with its high pressures and temperatures but should also be clear of ports in the liner since unused oil may be lost through these. Distribution of oil around the liner circumference may be aided by oil gutters adjacent to the lubricator points and angled downwards to assist flow by gravity, while reducing the piston ring chipping effect. Lubricating oil is spread over the length of the liner by the piston rings during their stroke. Some large two-stroke engines use multi-level cylinder lubrication.

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