Dictionary of Earth Science (2nd Edition) by McGraw-Hill

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Derived from the content material of the revered McGraw-Hill Dictionary of medical and Technical Terms, 6th version, each one identify offers hundreds of thousands of definitions of phrases and words encountered in a particular self-discipline. All comprise:

* Pronunciation consultant for each time period
* Acronyms, cross-references, and abbreviations
* Appendices with conversion tables; listings of clinical, technical, and mathematical notation; tables of appropriate info; and extra
* A handy, quick-find layout

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3. Water reversed in its course by an obstruction. { bak wo˙dиər } baculite [GEOL] A crystallite that looks like a dark rod. { bakиyə lı¯t } badlands [GEOGR] An erosive physiographic feature in semiarid regions characterized by sharp-edged, sinuous ridges separated by steep-sided, narrow, winding gullies. { bad lanz } baffling wind [METEOROL] A wind that is shifting so that nautical movement by sailing vessels is impeded. { ¦bafиliŋ wind } baguio [METEOROL] A tropical cyclone that occurs in the Philippines.

A¨r jilиik o˙lиtə ra¯иshən } argilliferous [GEOL] Abounding in or producing clay. { a¨rиjə¦lifиəиrəs } Argovian [GEOL] Upper Jurassic (lower Lusitanian), a substage of geologic time in Great Britain. { a¨r go¯vиe¯иən } arid climate [CLIMATOL] Any extremely dry climate. { arиəd klı¯иmət } arid erosion [GEOL] Erosion or wearing away of rock that occurs in arid regions, due largely to the wind. { arиəd i ro¯иzhən } Aridisol [GEOL] A soil order characterized by pedogenic horizons; low in organic matter and nitrogen and high in calcium, magnesium, and more soluble elements; usually dry.

Ardиə¦ridиik migиmə tı¯t } artesian aquifer [HYD] An aquifer that is bounded above and below by impermeable beds and that contains artesian water. Also known as confined aquifer. { a¨r te¯и zhən akиwəиfər } artesian basin [HYD] A geologic structural feature or combination of such features in which water is confined under artesian pressure. { a¨r te¯иzhən ba¯sиən } artesian leakage [HYD] The slow percolation of water from artesian formations into the confining materials of a less permeable, but not strictly impermeable, character.

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