Dictionary of Disasters at Sea During the Age of Steam by Charles Hocking

By Charles Hocking

Возможно лучший реестр пропавших, затонувших и затопленных кораблей (1824-1962). Информация изложена в алфавитном порядке. specified by an encyclopaedic shape, the ships are lined in strict alphabetical order. There aren't any photos or drawings - simply evidence approximately these ships. each one of those commences with a resume of the technical information through a quick account of the lack of the vessel itself. simply because this can be a e-book released by way of Lloyds of London, the ships indexed are predominately these that have been insured via Lloyds on the time in their loss. different ships that have been both uninsured or just insured with one other corporation should not, hence, incorporated.

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The British motorship Angularity was intercepted by a German torpedo boat and sunk on February 6th, 1941. Eight lives were lost. One member of the crew was reported to be a prisoner of war. ; 1937; Deutsche Werft; 9,937 tons; 492-9x66-1x36-4; 11 knots; oilengines. The Liberian ship Angy caught fire, exploded and broke in two on March 10th, 1953, about 1,000 miles E. of New York. The afterpart was taken in tow on March 12th but sank on the next day. s. Claiborne. 34 ANHALT Norddeutscher Lloyd; 1921; Frd.

The boats were then hurriedly launched, but as the Ancona was still steaming slowly they capsized as soon as they reached the water. The death-roll was very heavy. S. government at once demanded satisfaction from Austria. After some delay the Austrians admitted that their submarine commander exceeded his instructions, but stated in extenuation of his action that he believed the Ancona to have been a transport. The shelling was admitted, but it was contended that only 16 rounds, and not 100 as stated by the Italians, were fired.

The Italian torpedo boats Angela Bassini and Antares were lying in Leghorn harbour on May 28th, 1943, when they were bombed and sunk by British aircraft. Both vessels carried complements of about 100. ANTARTICO Soc. Anon. ; tripleexpansion engines. The Chilean ship Antartico had gone to assist the Yero Carras, which had drifted from her moorings during a heavy gale on February 4th, 1932, off Magallanes. She collided with the Yero Carras and sank in 100 fathoms. ANTE MATKOVIC Eugen Matkovic; 1920; Atel.

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