Decoding Abortion Rhetoric: Communicating Social Change by Celeste Condit

By Celeste Condit

Condit offers an in depth examine how pro-life and pro-choice arguments have contributed to shaping the improvement of public coverage and personal perform. She bargains readers an orderly method during the barrage of rhetoric and a chance to spot and make clear our personal evaluations on a truly tricky topic.

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This skewed practice is, however, theoretically redeemable in each individual case, and this book focuses on the process by which such redemption may occur. There remains, however, one further conceptual problem in this process, and it arises precisely from the dualistic nature of the likely in representative internal structure of the rhetorical process. Whenever audiences ac- cept a mis-universalized claim (a claim that overserves an interest group), there is a tendency to suggest that the audience has duped by "mere been persuasion" rather than addressed with rational argumentation.

At each stage, new units of discourse were proposed and contested, The Social Force of Rhetoric 15 moving the argument forward by creating new understandings. The process was an additive one; the new vocabulary that emerged at each stage did not disappear in later stages; it simply became a part of an ever-expanding account of abortion. Ultimately this arduous and exciting public contest will be revealed as a negotiated transformation of women's own private discourses, which, perhaps paradoxically, enabled circumscribed but substantial changes in the experiences of many women.

Account of the functioning of representative government is as the process of public argument and persuasion exerts a force of its own on the underlying social processes that it articulates. That is, public discourse is an active, change-producing, transformative process, not merely a passive conveyer belt. Because rhetorical units affect each other, in part through the consequences of specific discursive configurations themselves, particular ways of talking (and hence, of understanding and acting) may come into social being.

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