Controversial Geneticist and Creative Biologist: A Critical by Richard Goldschmidt (auth.), Leonie K. Piternick (eds.)

By Richard Goldschmidt (auth.), Leonie K. Piternick (eds.)

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Lyon, Nature 190:372 (1961). 40 Aimee H. K. Baker. Ann. Rev. Genetics 14:133 (1968). B. ), p. 244 (1949). B. Goldschmidt, A. K. Piternick, Univ. Cal. Publ. Zool. 55:67 (1951). B. Goldschmidt, J. Exp. Zool. 119:405 (1952). G. H. L. Polan, Chromosoma 33:319 (1971). The Historical Development of "Time Law of Intersexuality"and Its Philosophical Implications Garland E. Allen Department of Biology, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri After a seminar in which I had discussed Richard Goldschmidt's opposition to the chromosome theory of heredity, a colleague asked me if the history of twentieth century genetics might not have been better off had Goldschmidt never existed.

The results from particular crosses were highly predictable and this consistency became the foundation for Goldschmidt's theories on sex determination and intersexuality. The crosses5 diagrammed in Figure 1 show how both female and male intersexes were generally obtained from crosses between a Japanese (J) and a European (E) race 6 • In Lymantria, as in most Lepidoptera, the female is probably the heterogametic sex. Though the sex chromosomes have not been identified cytologically or genetically, cases of facultative parthenogenesis giving rise to diploid progeny of both sexual types have been found, indicating female heterogamety 7.

Goldschmidt appears to have believed that RNA was derived from DNA, and that RNA was intimately involved in cytoplasmic protein synthesis, but his unswerving belief in the proteinaceous genic material 36 Aimee H. Bakken perhaps prevented him from deducing the "central dogma" which we find so obvious today. Citing Caspersson's work, Goldschmidt relates the following concepts: "In the region of the nucleolus organizer, in one or more chromosomes, RNA accumulates, produced in some way by the DNA. Together with proteins rich in diamino acids, this moves into the nucleolus.

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