Conceptual Design for Engineers by M. J. French MA MSc FIMechE (auth.)

By M. J. French MA MSc FIMechE (auth.)

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This particular pair of functions frequently require separating, e. g. in gear-pumps where the internal pressure tends to force the cover plates away from the ends of the gears, permitting a leak back from the high pressure at the outlet to the low pressure at the inlet. This can be overcome by providing a sealing plate between the structural cover plate and the gears. Between the sealing plate and the cover plate, sealed cavities are formed which communicate with the interior of the pump at points carefully chosen to give the right pressure in each cavity, so that the sealing plate is gently pressed against the gears, preventing leaks.

5 Liquid natural gas tanker: alternative configurations This example concerns the special tankers used to transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) at substantially atmospheric pressure and about - 161 °C (1l2K) . The tanks are thermally insulated and the heat which leaks in boils off the natural gas at an acceptably low rate, the vapour being used as part of the fuel. e . preventing leakage) I S H These four functions can be visualised as residing in up to four layers from inside to out. g. qlS) H means that a layer providing containment C is innermost, followed by a single layer combining the functions of insulation I and structure S, and so on.

8, it may be practicable to study all the feasible combinations reasonably thoroughly, but in the more typical case, like the LNG tanker, only a few variations can be studied in depth, and most of them must be eliminated by methods of a more cursory nature. Here it is convenient to consider the tables based on functional analysis separately from those based on order. e. the optimum solution is also the optimum in respect of each function considered independently. More often, however, the best means selected in this way will be incompatible, or more expensive to combine, so that the best overall solution will incorporate some other alternatives.

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